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My blog display is messed up or my sidebar has dropped.

The most common reason for this issue is that there are unclosed tags in a post or a sidebar item that are preventing your weblog from displaying properly. 

You may want to try removing items from your sidebar one at a time and/or setting your recent posts to DRAFT mode one at a time to see if you can determine the specific post code that is causing the issue.

Additionally, you can use an online HTML validation tool, such as:

to help you find and correct errors that may be causing the problem.

We also have more information on correcting weblog display issues at:

I can't view my blog!

It sounds like your default blog might need to be reset, which is super easy to do. Just go to your Dashboard, click the down arrow next to the blog that you wish to show as the main blog on the account, then choose "Make this the default blog?" Then click "Okay", and you're all set. Here's what it looks like: 


Are you able to see your blog when you go to your URL now? If not, please open a help ticket so we can help!

Why aren't my comments displaying?

If you are using TypePad Connect, instead of TypePad's built in commenting system, you may encounter a problem where some posts are not displaying comments. This is usually due to errant code in a comment which is added when emailing a comment reply using a Rich Text email format.

To quickly resolve the issue, you can disable TypePad Connect. At Settings > Comments, click to disable TypePad Connect. Then, click Save Changes to update your blog. This change will not impact existing or future comments.

All the features of TypePad Connect will be available for all TypePad comments very soon.

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