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Can I password protect just one post or page?

Currently it is not possible to password protect specific posts or pages, only entire weblogs.

However, Pro Plus subscribers can create up to 3 blogs, and our Pro Unlimited subscribers can create unlimited blogs, so as a workaround you could create a blog with a similar design and use that blog for your sensitive content and then simply link to those pages on your main blog.

We'll look into possibly including this as a future enhancement to the system.

How do I create a single line break?

Browsers treat the Enter key differently. In some browsers, Enter will create a new paragraph. To add a single line break, use Shift+Enter on a PC or Cmd + Enter on a Mac. In many other browsers, the Enter key will create a new line, and pressing Enter twice will create a new paragraph.

So if you're seeing a double line break or a paragraph when you only want to see a single line break, you can do Shift or Cmd + Enter to get a single line break.

How do I add anchor links to a post?

You can read more about creating link anchors at:

To set up anchors in a Post like this, we would recommend you complete and style your post with the Rich Text editor and then you'll want to click on the "HTML" tab and choose "Convert Line Breaks" Once you've added the anchors to the post, don't switch back to the Rich Text editor or they may become corrupt.

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