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Why doesn't my banner print?

Because of the way that our designs are set up, graphic image banners are actually a background image, so it won't show up on your printout. As a workaround, if your browser has the option available, you can enable printing of background images.

How can I make my banner fit on my About page?

The About page always uses a two column, left layout. If you have designed your theme for a three-column layout on your weblog, the banner image will most likely be too wide to fit on your About page.

To get around this, you can make a duplicate of your weblog design, then modify it to use a two-column, left, layout and upload a slightly smaller version of your banner image to fit it.

Also, as an alternative to the default About Page, you can use the Pages feature to create an additional "about" page - which will match your design exactly.

More information about creating additional pages is available here.

How wide should my banner be in a fluid layout design?

A Fluid width expands and contracts depending on how wide the browser window is. This means that there isn't a suggested width for the image because it can fluctuate. You may wish to use a matching Background color, in the Blogs > Design > Theme Builder area under Page Banner, so the color will blend more seamlessly into your image. You can find additional information here.

How wide should my banner image be in a fixed layout design?

To determine what size of banner would work best with your design, go to Blogs > Design, and click the Select a Theme link, then Theme Builder.

At the top of the page, under General Page Settings, it should have something like this:

Column Widths
Left: 150 pixels
Center: 500 pixels
Right: 150 pixels

In which case, the example design would be 800 px wide. TypePad adds a 15 pixel (px) border around the banner, so:

800 px - 30 px (15 for right, 15 for left) = 770 px

To be centered on the design, the banner for this example should be 770 px wide.

You can find additional information here.

How do I add an image banner to my custom theme?

If you're using a Custom Theme, you can use an image for your banner by going to Blogs > Design > Select A Theme, then Edit the Page Banner Element. You can find additional information on setting up a Custom Theme - including information on adding your banner image here.

You would need to create the banner image on your computer, using a graphics editing program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or with an online editor like Gimp or Picnik.

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