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Can I change my blog's subdomain?

To change your account's subdomain, click to the Account link in the top green navigation bar and click the "Change" link next to Domain and enter the new domain that you would like to use.


Please note that once your subdomain is changed, any link to your blog from outside sources will be broken. Images and files in your posts will not be in the same location, and you will need to manually edit each post to correct the URLs for the images and files.

We have more information on this at:

Why do all of my blogs use the same subdomain URL?

Every account has a single TypePad URL, regardless of the number of blogs within the account. This URL acts as an umbrella for all blogs so that they appear like:

If this doesn't suit your needs, or you would like something without the TypePad reference in the URL, we recommend using our Domain Mapping feature.

If you have a registered domain like, you can use TypePad's Domain Mapping feature to point it to your TypePad blog. This means that people can enter the domain name in their browser to get to your blog, and the domain name will be used in the URLs of all pages in your blog!

You can find out more about setting up domain mapping. You can read a more thorough explanation of how Domain Mapping works here, as well.

How do I delete a blog from my account?

To delete a blog from your account, go to Blogs > Settings > Basics, and click the link at the bottom of the page that says "Delete this blog." It looks like this:


To complete the deleting process, you'll need to make sure to confirm that you want to delete the blog by clicking "Okay" on the resulting pop-up window.

How do I change the name or title of a blog?

To change the title of your weblog, go to Blogs > Settings and change the name that is listed under "Blog Name." Then, save your changes and you're all set! You can find more information on on blog settings in our Knowledge Base here.

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