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Why was my transaction declined?

"Transaction declined" means that, for whatever reason, your credit card issuer (or debit card issuer) is declining the purchase. Usually this is due to being over the credit limit or not having enough funds for the transaction, but it could also be a card hold for security reasons. You may also want to check to make sure you have entered the security code correctly from your card as the transaction will be declined if this information is missing or incorrect.

If the issue was resolved, or you believe the transaction was declined in error, you can resubmit the billing information to prompt the charge to run again.

Go to Account > Billing Info > Update Payment Method. Enter the entire credit card number, the security code, make any other necessary changes to the information, and click Save Changes. If the update is successful, the fee will run again in the next 24 hours.

We have more information on this here.

My account was suspended because of a billing error?

When a billing failure occurs, you have a seven day grace period before the account is suspended.

If you have another credit card to use, you can enter the information for it at Account > Billing Info > Update Payment Method which will prompt billing to run in the next 24 hours. More information on updating billing information is available here.

Otherwise, please re-save your credit card information once you've cleared the matter up with your creditor and that will signal us to run billing again.

If you're not able to resolve the problem or use a new card within seven days, your account will be suspended. However, none of your data will be deleted and you can resubmit the transaction at any time by updating your credit card.

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